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  • WS2812B RGB 6 LED PCB with Buzzer

    Make that build even cleaner with this programmable LED bar, 6 RGB LED's and a 5v buzzer. These can be hooked up to our other LED strips to give multiple LED's and still keep the buzzer functionality.

    Only 50mm long and 10mm high, the LED's can be controller using cleanflight. The buzzer has solder pads on the back. Learn More

    A small PCB (55mm x 10mm) containing 8 programmable LED's - these can be controlled via cleanflight and display multiple colours. Perfect for mounting on the back of frames to show when are you armed/disarmed. Learn More
  • WS2812B RGB LEDs for use with Cleanflight

    Everyone loves LEDs, now using Cleanflight you can program these LED's to show warnings, stick movements and much more. In a word they are COOL!

    These include a removable waterproof silicone coating with a 3m sticky backing.

    These LEDs can be individually programmed to display any colour, this allows you to use Cleanflight to program the strip. Each LED is self contained so even if you cut a strip down to 10 individual LEDs and connect them via wire you can program each one. This opens up a whole host of options.

    Supplied as a strip of 10 LED's approx 16.5mm in length.

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