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  • Carbon Fiber 250mm Quadcopter Frame

    A fantastic little carbon fibre frame. Weighing a total of 190g, this is sure to guarantee a great flight experience. Learn More
  • Folding 240 Frame inc PDB - Diatone Silver Blade

    A 240 frame with a twist - folding arms!

    A stylish frame from Diatone, includes a power distribution board for ease of build. Learn More

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  • FPV250 Ghost Edition LED Night Flyer FPV Quad

    The Diatone FPV250 is a budget minded FPV basher, ready for daredevil obstacles or Spec Class FPV racing and now night flight fun. It’s time to start practising your FPV skills, race season is getting ready to start!

    • Ultra bright frame mounted LEDs
    • All clear frame that grabs the LED lights and glows
    • included clear propeller that illuminate with the upper facing LEDs
    • Built in 5V UBEC and PDB
    • One piece construction for durability
    • Large 55x55mm cage protected flight controller bay
    • Mounting Support for a 2 servo pan and tilt camera and video transmitter
    • Wide range of motor and power options
    • Removable landing gear
    Learn More

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  • FPV250 Light Nylon Quadcopter Frame

    Looking for a low cost Quadcopter Frame? This is your boy...

    Light, inexpensive and while they are not un-breakable they are very strong thanks to the one piece construction.

    Learn More

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  • Fusion Frame from The Mini Quad Club

    The fusion frame from the Mini Quad Club is a blend of old and new resulting in a high quality frame, including a life time warranty! Learn More
  • HMB-180 Ultra Tough Unbreakable Frame

    The 180mm version of the proven HMB-235 frame has come to the UK!

    • Pocketed to reduce weight, while retaining large edge impact area
    • Titled HD camera plate
    • Integrated FPV antenna and XT60 mounting
    • Durable hardware: aluminum standoffs, 12.9 alloy steel screws
    • Wide range of motor options (M2 and M3)
    • Lifetime warranty on main plate
    Learn More

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  • HMB-235 V2 Ultra Tough Unbreakable Frame

    The Unbreakable HMB-235 been upgraded and is now available in Europe! 4Props are proud to be the EU Exclusive supplier of this amazing frame.

    If you like it rough and tough - this is the frame for you...

    New for V2:
    • Aluminium standoffs
    • Internal pocketing for reduced weight
    • Pocketed motors allow for standard motor screws
    • Cut-out on top plate for camera angle
    • XT-60 mounting on bulkhead
    • Refined COG
    Learn More
  • HMB-X5 Frame inc TPU Antenna Mount

    Brand new from Multi-RC, the much anticipated HMB-X5

    • Symmetrical, true X design
    • 90g frame weight
    • Swings 5" props
    • HMB durability & warranty
    • Integrated camera mounting
    Learn More
  • KC180 X-Frame Carbon Racing Frame

    A super light 180mm size quad racing quad, perfect for indoor and car park action. Designed in conjunction with Chi Lau (one of the top UK FPV pilots) this frame has been designed from the bottom up with two things in mind, speed and strength. It does not fail to deliver on either!

    Included in the kit is a custom Power Distribution Board (PDB), designed by Brett Collis. Keeping the simple lightweight theme in mind, Brett has integrated XT30 connector and built-in 5v step down voltage regulator on to the KC180 PBD. Learn More
  • Mixuko 5" FPV Plus Frame - ShenDrones

    The Mixuko is a Mitsuko but bigger! 196mm X quad for build for use with 5" props, with a 4mm monoplate.

    Mixuko is a pure race quad, designed specifically to NOT carry an HD cam. (Get a Krieger if you want to go fast and let the world know about your awesomeness.)

    FPV cam angle is adjustable without tools using a friction fit system. With the supplied 30mm standoffs it's a moderately challenging build, an advanced builder can knock off another 5mm from the stack height. The FPV Ninja vtx is recommended.

    Frame weight 79g.

    Learn More

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    The MQC ONE, elegant in its sleek, sexy design yet simple in its build without compromise. Born from passion, expertise and sheer determination the MQC ONE is set to take the FPV world by storm.

    There is an elegance in simplicity that can only be found when form and function come together as ONE. It is where camera angles are high, and part counts are low. It is where maintenance can be completed as comfortably on the park bench, as on the work bench. It is where you can spend more time thinking about how you'll celebrate hitting that next gap, and less time worrying about how much it will cost if you don't.

    The Mini Quad Club is the world's largest social network dedicated to mini quads and FPV racing, every sale of the MQC ONE enables the network to grow and expand.

    Includes a limited lifetime parts warranty*, this may be the ONE you have been waiting for... #MQC4LIFE

    Join the Mini Quad Club Facebook Group to keep up with all the latest news and updates. Note:We are currently out of stock of the ONE frame, we have the fusion and X frames in stock now. ONE frames will be 5-7 days Learn More The MQC One is currently on pre-order, orders will be fulfilled ASAP.
  • Pure Carbon Fiber 250mm Quadcopter Frame

    A fantastic little carbon fibre frame. Weighing just 130g, this is sure to guarantee a great flight experience. Learn More Next delivery from EMAX is expected to be the end of Feb 2016 (after Chinese New Year), please email us if you are waiting for anything.
  • QAV180 QAV210 Carbon Fiber Frame Kit Mini Quadcopter 180mm 210mm

    A great little carbon frame, available in two sizes 180mm and 210mm with the 180mm weighing just 90g, built using 3K carbon fibre the bottom plate is 3mm while the top is 1.5mm.

    Designed around 4" props and 1806 size motors with 2300kv and up, designed to accept 3 and 4s lipos (upto 1300mah) Learn More
  • Quadcopter Frame 450mm - Integrated PDB

    450 sized frame with PDB included Learn More

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  • S500 with PCB Quadcopter Frame

    If you are intending to fly FPV, this frame is far better than the standard budget 450's out there.

    Carbon reinforced arms (unlike the cheaper versions of this frame), includes a power distribution board to keep wiring clean.

    Includes a rail mounting system complete with a battery mounting plate and extended landing gear.

    Learn More

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  • The Fast Forward Frame 250mm - ShenDrones

    Love the carpark? Then you will love this frame. The Fast Forward is equipped with 30mm wheels!

    It is capable of VTOL, STOL, and it'll taxi back to you after landing too.

    The Fast Forward is a 250mm racing miniquad with 'thrust A Tail' geometry: its rear motors are tilted forward for fast forward level flight. It has the superior yaw authority of an A or V Tail, the efficiency of an X Quad in forward flight, and superior aerodynamics with its level flight attitude. It's the racer that can fly like a quad but wants to fly like a plane.

    Learn More

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